Zero G day.

Zero G day is a cosmic related phenomenon that occurs once every one billion years in which planet Earth’s gravity is nonexistence or nearly absent due unevenness or curvature of spacetime smoothing or soothing itself out. Every billion years a wave of a transparent cosmic flare that is rotating right outside the solar system begins traveling towards the sun and eventually passing planet earth. This cosmic layer called ‘The Soothing Astroplasma Layer’ (SAP layer) is what protects and divides the solar system from other solar systems; It rotates in the same direction and it is traveling inwards as time goes by. Once it reaches the sun, the sun will push it back out towards the outside of the system. The SAP layer contains soothing chemicals and composition materials that smooth out curvatures within time layer in space and matter.

Planet earth is close enough to the sun causing the SAP layer to start pushing out back towards the outside of the solar system; however, it does pass or touches planet earth and half of planet Venus. The SAP layer will sooth the earth’s time curvature which gives our planet our natural state of gravity.

As the earth’s gravity condition approaches the zero-gravity stage, objects and anything of matter will pull away from the ground and lose their natural weight. Heavy and nonheavy objects will have no difference and be equally related. When the intensity of absent of gravity increases, matter most likely expand but could contract in rare cases. At this point many objects and even living things will be ripping apart slowly as stages approach Zero G. Not all matter may rip apart for density varies among all things and Zero G may have a different effect in them.

Some of the safety precautions that people can take is to lock all things inside cabinets such as you would on a boat or on a spaceship. Anything material will be floating in the air including yourself; therefore, breakable things such as glass should be avoided. In addition, people should avoid being near large bodies of water mass for it may cause entrapment and ultimately drowning. Staying indoors is recommended for dangerous flying objects can be harmful.Being inside compacted spaces such as inside small closet or a pantry can help with avoiding long distance fall for when the planet comes back to its normal gravity condition. 

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